Your own managed cloud server (Managed VPS).

Would you like to get rid of your physical server(s)? You should consider the possibility of taking a managed server in the cloud.

A cloud server, also known as VPS, behaves exactly the same as a physical server and also has the same functionalities. In addition, we can also do system management for you. We will be fully responsible for the operations on the server and resolve any malfunctions on your own managed cloud server without any additional cost.

If you do not want a managed server in the cloud because for example, you can do the system management yourself, click on Virtual Private Server at the top of the menu, then you can request a server in the cloud without our system management.



A managed VPS of Cloud 365 can be used for 1 or a combination of the scenarios below. In each scenario, it is possible to connect the Managed VPS through VPN to the existing office network. The Managed VPS is then part of the existing internal office network.

  • As an virtual desktop server.Your organization then has its own virtual desktop server where users can work online. Data, mail and applications are all located on the online workplaces. If you are interested, please please check the demo video below for more information.
  • As an online storage server. The users approach the server through webdav or mobile VPN and thus have access to the data.
  • As mail server. Interesting if your organization counts more than approximately 60 mailboxes or expects to reach this number in a short period of time, it is advisable to accommodate these mailboxes on a separate cloud mail server. By embedding the mailboxes separately on its own server in the cloud, this can be significantly efficient costs wise.
  • As an application server. In this case, the Managed VPS is used to host a (web) application or database for internal use or to make available to, for example, your customers.
  • As a backup server. In this case, the Managed VPS is used as backup of another virtual or physical server. This can be a passive backup (simple copy of all the data) or an active backup / replica with exactly the same functionality as the source server. This option allows deviation in case of calamities on the source server.

Demo Video Managed VPS as a virtual desktop server



You can always add or reduce storage, software and mailboxes. You can also customize the resources (RAM, Disk and CPU) or the number of virtual desktops according to your needs.


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We guarantee high availability so you and your colleagues can rely on a robust service.



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