We are Cloud 365

Cloud 365 is fully focusing on providing cloud services. We provide managed Virtual Private Servers, either (Managed) VPS, Virtual Desktop, Webhosting and Hosted Exchange Mail Solutions. You can also merge a hybrid cloud infrastructure with your current IT infrastructure.
When you are using our cloud services, you are not investing in an expensive IT infrastructure or software, but you hire them as a service through the internet. Cloud services will play an increasingly important role for entrepreneurs and the way companies use their ICT infrastructure.

Your company to the cloud

We can provide transfer, migration and if you wish, we will guide you and your colleagues how to use our cloud services to the fullest.

We take care of the transition from your physical infrastructure to our cloud servers (virtual desktop or managed vps). This involves transferring your data, email and applications like Unit4, iMuis, Davilex, Exact, Afas, SnelStart, Accountview, Mamut, Loon and many others to our servers. We are involved throughout the whole process, from orientation to delivery and management of your cloud environment.

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Virtual Desktop

A complete virtual desktop including software and management.
With our virtual desktop, you can always and securely access your files, email and business software. Our virtual desktops are including standard software, Microsoft Office and Exchange mailboxes.

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Virtual Server

A virtual server or desktop that you have complete control over.
A virtual server is a part of a physical server that behaves with virtualization as a “real” server. With our VPS, you can configure a virtual server or workstation just as you would with a physical server or workstation. The VPS is flexible, scalable, and can shrink or grow to your needs.
Our VPSes run on VMware vSphere. The market leader in virtualization.

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Hosted Exchange

The ability to use the functions of an Exchange Server everywhere.
With our Hosted Exchange cloud service, you have 1 or more Exchange mailboxes with all the functions you can expect from Microsoft Exchange. A very comprehensive Webmail feature, Outlook Anywhere, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Connection to Mobile Devices, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Security and many more. Each package has all these options, so you only need to choose the quantity.

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Managed VPS

A virtual server including system management.
A managed VPS is similar to a normal VPS but comes with full system management of us. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your server such as software updates or constant monitoring. You are guaranteed of a server that is always running, at no additional cost.

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