What are the benefits of Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange is a complete package, that has more storage capabilities and the ability to share data is easier than with regular pop3 / imap mail.

The differences next to each other:

Hosted Exchange
  • In addition to email, there are additional fucntions: contacts, calendar, and notes.
  • Cloud 365 controls the backup of your email.
  • Outlook web services. This is full outlook access over the internet. A webmail with Outlook 2016 features, design and touch.
  • Ability to share email, calendar, and contacts with other users.
  • Next to imap and pop3 also Pushmail by phone, PDA or iPhone.
  • Larger mailboxes and the possibility to increase storage.
Regular e-mail (pop3)
  • Email only on 1 device at a time. No synchronization possible.
  • No possibility for sharing contacts, calendar, and / or notes.
  • Regular webmail.
  • Manual backup of emails.
  • Individual mailboxes.
  • Email on the go trough regular pop3 or imap.
  • Fixed mailbox size.

Hosted Exchange
  • Everywhere access to email, calendar, and notes
  • No hardware investment required.
  • We maintain the environment for you.
  • Your email is backed up in 2 locations.
  • We manage the entire environment.
  • Possibility to start the same day with Hosted Exchange.
  • Pay per user.
  • Instant access everywhere through the data center’s fast-paced connections.
Exchange on a local server
  • Email, calendar, contacts only at the office.
  • Investing in hardware yourself.
  • Responsible for maintenance.
  • You need to arrange the backup yourself.
  • System administration costs.
  • Implementation takes time.
  • Microsoft license fees are not scalable.
  • Remote access depends on speed and availability of internet access at the location and VPN configurations.

Hosted Exchange


€ 5,50

a month

  • ✔ 15GB Mailbox Space
  • ✔ Web Access with Outlook Web App
  • ✔ Mobile access from phone or tablet
  • ✔ Antispam
  • ✔ Outlook support
  • ✔ Ability to share calendars and contacts
  • ✔ Exchange Active Sync support
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