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As a partner of Routit, we can offer very comprehensive VoIP (Voice Over IP) solutions.

VoIP is the abbreviation for Voice over IP. This means “speech over a data network”, ie; calling trough an internet connection. VoIP has a number of advantages. The main benefits are flexibility and saving on costs. Making calls via VoIP is cheaper than calling via traditional telephony such as ISDN. On average, it saves 25%, but sometimes you can save up to 70% on your phonebill with VoIP.

Another major advantage of business VoIP is that there are more things possible than just calling in the traditional way. It enables you to perform videocalls via VoIP, and you can call wherever you have internet, for example a home network. In addition, VoIP connections also offers other features, such as voicemail or call forwarding. This usually happens via Hosted VoIP (also known as Hosted PBX).

Office environments with VoIP can suffice with less cabling because the PC and VoIP phone can be connected to 1 port. A big advantage in telephony in the cloud.

The number of calls that can take place simultaneously with business VoIP over one network connection is unlimited. This is not possible with a analogue connection: you won’t be able to take a call when you’re already in one. Only the speed (bandwidth) of your connection and the subscription of your VoIP provider limits the number of calls that you can simultaneously have with VoIP.

VoIP Opportunities

VoIP is available for all business types. Whether you are a freelancer using 1 device or when you are with multiple people in a call center that has to use (multiple) phone menus and queues. It’s all possible.

Our VoIP solutions are running on Broadsoft. This is the international leader in VoIP platforms. You will also notice the possibilities.

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